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Doubling the capacity of rechargeable batteries



  • Imagine if your phone lasted a week, 

  • If your car could drive 2000 km without a recharge,

  • If the batteries that powered them were made from recycled materials.



Ionobell licenses the technologies necessary to migrate Li-Ion batteries to 70% Si anode designs, achieving 2X initial performance improvement with 8X potential capability improvement in the long term.

We can double battery capacity, reduce the cost and more environmentally friendly

Our designs achieve over 800 wh/L, stable past 1000 cycles, minimal swelling, near 100% coulombic efficiency, and with all carbon and Si materials from waste materials.

Image by Robin Glauser

Migration of Li-Ion batteries to Si-C

Image by Gary Chan

Waste plastic to Carbon


Meet the Leadership Team

The team is composed of battery researchers with over 20 patents and 14 published papers, and a leadership team with 8+ startups and 4 exits.


Robert Ionescu

Nanomaterials & energy storage expert
Previous startup experience
Over 20 filed patents
14 publications in high-impact journals
Former HP battery research scientist

Rob Neivert

Rob Neivert

8 startups, with 4 exits.
Multi-times CEO
Former VC at 500 Startups

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